Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic we have suspended operations and sales. We plan to return once the pandemic situation has subsided.

Our Story

I never get to have chocolate. It is a true rarity for me because, I am allergic to milk. Virtually no chocolate is truly dairy free or vegan. Many semi-sweet and dark chocolates still contain some dairy product. Even if a chocolate is free of dairy ingredients it is almost guaranteed to carry a warning it is processed on shared equipment with milk chocolate. It is almost impossible to find truly vegan chocolate. This was a substantial problem for me because I love chocolate! On more than one occasion I have caved to my chocolate cravings and purchased chocolate with no dairy ingredients, prayed the equipment had not been used for milk chocolate recently, only to suffer the effects of cross contamination.

But I am an Aerospace Engineer. Solving problems is not just something I do but a passion! So I set out to solve the problem of Vegan Milk Chocolate. I researched how chocolate is made. I researched what dairy free desserts are made from. I researched the chemical makeup of chocolate. I researched the protein structure of milk. And then I set to work to balance fats, protein, sugar, cocoa, and develop a vegan milk chocolate that tasted great, had true milk chocolate mouth feel, and was made from real ingredients and wasn’t some Frankenstein’s Monster of chocolate.

And from these efforts my wife and I have made Galahad Chocolatier which is now bringing the finest Vegan Milk Chocolate to the market. Made from just five ingredients: Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Nibs, Cashew, Pea Protein. Our chocolate taste like Milk Chocolate, feels like Milk Chocolate, melts, molds, and flows like Milk Chocolate while being 100% Vegan. Processed on equipment and surface exclusive to Galahad Chocolatier’s Vegan Milk Chocolate. Rich and delicious chocolate without the fear of cross contamination.